Life it funny.

It often takes in you a completely different direction than you intended.

I grew up with a close-nit group of friends until high school.

At that point, I lost my way. Friends played sports, I smoked pot. A lot of pot. And other things.

Upon graduation, I didn’t have the grades to get get into any decent school, so I gave the local community college a shot.

YUCK! Not for me.

I marched my ass down to the local Air Force Recruiter and tried my hand in the military.

To my surprise… I LOVED IT!

The tradition, discipline, respect, leadership, EVERYTHING.

After 8 years, that little voice in my head said there was more to life and to give that a shot too.

So I did. Again, lost for a bit. Had the skill-set to be a cop, but no one was hiring at that time. Heck, 8 years of military police experience and I was put on a 2-year waiting list to be hired.

No thank you. Not waiting 2 years.

With not much else to fall back on, I started a little online business.

Wholesaling traffic! I bought it for ‘x’ and resold it for double. You could do that back in the early 2000’s.

It’s became a literal overnight success.

$1,000 days, $5,000 days, $10,000 days became normal.

This was great for many years until one day, the business model no longer worked.

And I was back at square one.

But this time, I had the skill-set of marketing.

Made my way into several new start-ups and found success again and again (it’s easy once you have a process).

But something kept calling me in the back of my mind.

Something telling me to HELP PEOPLE. That same something started guiding me into the world of Biohacking and Human Optimization.

Being tenacious, I sought out the leaders. I wanted to learn from the best.

Acquiring technologies from around the world, learning the secrets of many healing modalities from the best the world had to offer.

And then one night, I woke up at 3:33am and KNEW what I was meant for.


Thus Baxter Wellness Research was born. I’ve run this for a couple of years via word of mouth, but now it’s time to allow those around the world who need my services, so finally have it.

Welcome. It’s time to be the BEST that you can be!


Mailing address:

Baxter Wellness Research
526 Kingwood Dr. #165
Kingwood, TX. 77339
United States

(281) 891-3826‬

Contact Email: baxterwellnessresearch@gmail.com